Chartered Architects.


LUTHFUR RAHAMAN CHARTERED ARCHITECT is a dynamic architectural practice founded in 2018. With a focus on professional growth and environmentally sustainable designs, the firm comprises a talented team of young Sri Lankan architects with overseas experience. They offer exceptional architectural designs and consultancy services, backed by a strategic alliance with the Centre for Architectural and Interior Design Research.

We are dedicated to environmentally sustainable design and optimizing architectural and interior creativity. The practice emphasizes key issues such as eco-friendly architecture, efficient energy and material use, and maximizing human comfort through passive design. By incorporating leading-edge research, design principles, technology, and effective management, the firm strives for architectural excellence.

We are a multi-disciplinary architectural firm offering comprehensive consultancy services. With a focus on integrated design and research practices, we collaborate with external specialists to achieve excellence in the built environment. From initial design to project completion, our expertise covers all aspects of the project.

We are a dynamic architectural practice with a dedicated team of directors and specialist consultants. From design to completion, we offer comprehensive services, ensuring efficient project management and optimal results.

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